TTF Industrial Drone T2 City Surveillance


TTF Industrial Drone T2 City Surveillance

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  • RainProof design, stable performance in raining condition
  • Corbon fiber integrated molding structure, strong rigidity and light weight
  • Remote control and command
  • Cluster control, Intelligent fault detection, Active fault-tolerant control
  • Precisely positioning, Automatic tracking
  • Applicable to offline work
  • Open Platforms and Applicability to Secondary Development, the flight controller of T2 has special channel for APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and provide SDK of Android/IOS. Combined with OCP, they are applicable to various supporting products of unmanned aerial vehicles and secondary development of airbone software.


Manual Mode,

GPS Mode,
Intelligent Orientation cControl Mode,
Route Flight Mode,
Position Flight Mode,
Position Circling Flight Mode,
Hovering and return when out of control,
Low-power alarm and return with landing protection

Gimbal X30

With 5 million effective resolution and 1/1.8CMOS sensor, X30 is equipped with 30 optical zoom lens and 4 times digital zoom. Equipped with high-precision three axis tilt and remote digital image transmission, it can be widely used for inspection, investigation, surveillance and other fields.

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